A philøsøphical expløratiøn øf cøntent related tø synthesis, synth DIY, and øther music technøløgical pursuits. Written and møderated by yøur very øwn resident turd-ferg: Røsnald Fensch.  

Stargazer Extended Technique Chapter 2: Hacking the Mainframe

On this episode of Stargazer Extended Technique, Hanz shows you how to upload new firmware to your Stargazer. Currently we have a variety of options available that allow you to remap the expression pedal input to different parameters rather than the stock mapping that the unit ships with. In addition to these mappings, we have also included the first of our truly alternate firmware: "notch." With this configuration, the first filter stage of the stargazer becomes a notch filter with a nice wide Q allowing you to use it as a sort of phaser for the wavetables before they hit the sample rate reducer. 

In depth written instructions with photographs illustrating the points in this video can be found at the following link: 

Happy tinkering :D. 

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