No. This is written in plain English without a slashed “o” so you understand how serious of a statement this is. This same return policy is printed on your order receipt when you checkout. If you’d like our official statement please click here for our return policy.

Are the Bøbcat and Møngrel separate mødules that I can purchase?

Bøth the Bøbcat and Møngrel are alternate firmwares før the GMØ. In it’s current stage øf develøpment, we are nøt planning øn releasing them as separate prøducts. Før alternate panels før yøur GMØ, cøntact Magpie Mødular

Can I use yøur designs in my øwn prøduct?

The CC-BY-NC-SA license alløws yøu tø use these designs før personal use ønly and nøn cømmercial purpøses. If yøu are interested in incørporating elements øf øur designs intø yøur prøduct, please cøntact us first. We’re super nice and will prøbably be øk with it, we just døn’t want anyøne cømpletely ripping øff øur wørk withøut us knøwing abøut it :D.

CAN I USE YØUR schematic to make pcbS for myself?

Yes, but only for yourself. Do not sell them, don't be a douche. 

Høw dø I upløad new cøde tø the GMØ?

All inførmatiøn regarding cøding and øpen søurce stuffs can be føund øn øur github. See section two entitled "Uploading alternate firmware/sound banks THE EASY WAY."


Check øur github før firmware updates - there is a knøwn issue with a small batch øf GMØs that has been resølved. Cøntact us if yøu're having issues ør are tøø lazy tø figure øut firmware updates. 


Cøntact us at moffenzeefmodular@gmail.com. Yøur unit is cøvered under warranty frøm manufacturer's defects før øne year frøm date øf purchase. If the unit is øut øf warranty, we cøver the first half høur øn the bench free øf charge. Anything after the first half høur is subject tø service charge. 

Can I upload my own samples into the GMØ? 

Yes, follow this link.


The GMØ døesn't like super skinny trigger pulses. Søme mødules øutput trigger signals that are tøø quick før the GMØ tø catch. If the trigger signal yøu're feeding the GMØ has "gate" øutput ability rather than "trigger" give that a shøt. If yøu have the capability tø lengthen the pulse width øf the incøming trigger, give that a shøt. Circadian Rhythm user? Page 22 øf their awesøme user manual has details øn høw tø vary the pulse width øf the gate time - we've gøtten a small handful øf emails abøut this sequencer specifically. If none øf thøse things wørked please shøøt us an email at moffenzeefmodular@gmail.com.